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Driveway Paving

This is a picture of a driveway paving service.

If you want your house to look good, the driveway has to look good. It’s the first thing you see, and if it’s chock full of potholes, cracks and grayed, crumbling edges, it’s not going to leave a great first impression. 

A perfectly paved driveway looks clean and beautiful. It can transform the way visitors view your property. 


Our Concrete and Asphalt Driveways Look Fabulous, and They’ll Last!

  • Properly-graded construction to ensure your driveway has drainage—making you and your family a whole lot safer.
  • Cracks, pothole and crumbling resistant driveways which last for years, with minimal maintenance.
  • A durable base layer ensures your asphalt or concrete driveway surface remains pristine.


We Offer a Range of Designs and Finishes

Round Rock Paving Pros offer a range of concrete stamping, staining and texturing techniques so that your home or commercial property are full of curb appeal. We’ll also make sure your commercial driveway perfectly matches your existing aesthetic. 

Our experienced team and up-to-date equipment mean you’ll get a driveway which functions perfectly and looks fantastic. 


So, Why Hire Round Rock Paving Pros?

Our company is experienced, responsive and professional, with deep experience in building asphalt and concrete driveways that are suitable to our challenging local conditions. 

As concrete and asphalt specialists, we’re set up with team expertise, materials and equipment you simply won’t find in a general contractor. 

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