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Commercial Paving Services

This is a picture of a commercial paving services.

Owning and running a business is tough enough as it is. Trust me, I know! But you’re making it a whole lot harder for yourself if your commercial frontage looks shabby, old and dilapidated. 

We can’t help you turn a record profit next year, but we can at least help your commercial walkways, parking lots and paved areas look fantastic. 

So, why choose Round Rock Paving Pros for your commercial concrete and asphalt paving needs? 

Here’s three excellent reasons. 


1. We Don’t Mess About With Second Rate Materials and Construction Methods

Your business is only as good as the products you sell and the people you pay to sell it. The concrete and asphalt paving business is no exception.

Everything about our operation is chosen to deliver a quality product:

  • Our construction materials are commercial grade. They’re designed to make concrete and asphalt which will not crumble before its time or develop potholes after your first long Round Rock winter.
  • Our team is well trained. I get it. Every contractor will tell you that. Here’s the thing though. We only do asphalt and concrete. This means the people on our payroll are chosen because they know their stuff and have a stellar work ethic. It shows in our work. 
  • Our equipment is the best. Believe it or not, there’s a big difference in the quality of equipment you can use to lay down asphalt and concrete pavement. We have the best tools for the job and this allows us to work faster and more cost-effectively while delivering a better final product. 


2. We’ll Minimize Your Business Down Time

If you’re staring down the barrel of having your business parking lot rejuvenated, you’re probably dreading losing customers while the area is out of action. Nothing turns a customer off faster than a bunch of traffic cones and the whiff of setting asphalt. 

We have two ways of fixing this problem for you.

  • We’ll do the job fast. We have a big team of motivated workers. We’ll hustle to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 
  • We’ll work smart. Done right, we can build your parking lot in phases, so that at no point are your business premises inaccessible to vehicle or foot traffic. We can also work out of business hours to keep disruption to a bare minimum. 


3. We’re Good at Pretty

Asphalt and concrete can look … well … kind of dull. 

But it absolutely doesn’t have to. It all boils down to finishing. When it comes to concrete, we’ll stamp it, stain it and texture it until you’d barely recognize it for what it is. With asphalt it all boils down to great technique. Our surfaces are smooth, professionally edged and look great too. 

At, we can offer your business a bunch of great finishes. 

If your commercial property needs a paving facelift, contact Round Rock Paving Pros today! Parking lots, paved walkways, flooring — if it’s made of concrete or asphalt we can do it for you. 

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