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Asphalt Paving

This is a picture of an asphalt paving service.

Ever wondered why asphalt is everywhere? There’s three basic reasons.

It’s relatively inexpensive. 

It’s about as tough as dirt. 

It’s easy to maintain. 

Asphalt remains one of the strongest paving construction materials available, and it’s a solid, smart choice for your paving area. Done right — with a smooth finish, top-notch edging and an eye for detail — it can look great too!


Round Rock Paving Pros Are Asphalt Specialists

The difference between an amateurish asphalt paving job and a professional one is like night and day. A professionally applied asphalt surface:

  • Uses the right materials for your local conditions
  • Is applied using well-maintained, modern equipment
  • Will resist potholes, cracks and crumbling for up to ten years
  • Is graded to permit surface water runoff
  • Will have a smooth, attractive finish

That’s exactly what Round Rock Paving Pros can deliver: asphalt paving which will look great and give you great return on your investment. We stake our reputation on it. Don’t waste your time on contractors who do a bit of everything, from brick laying to hornet nest removal to cleaning gutters. Go with guys who do one thing really well: asphalt and concrete paving. 


Ready to Upgrade Your Home or Business With Perfect Asphalt Paving?

Contact us today! We’ll give you a detailed run down of our asphalt paving service, from time frame to drying time to ongoing maintenance. We make it easy. 

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