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About Us

This is a picture of a Round Rock paving pros.

Round Rock Paving Pros serve the local community with quality asphalt and concrete paving solutions. If it’s made from concrete or asphalt, we can build it!

Because we’re a specialist outfit, we’re extremely well equipped when it comes to asphalt and concrete construction. Our team is highly trained, all our equipment is geared toward asphalt or concrete, and we use only the best materials. 

Add all that up and you can rest assured we do good work!

Ask Our Competition if They Can Deliver These Three Things

1. We’re fully licensed, insured and bonded

2. Our company provides a full costing and construction plan prior to any repairs or installations

3. We’ll come to your location to do a free area assessment to talk you through your options

Whether you’re a business or residential customer, Round Rock Paving Pros can give you a durable, attractive, reasonably priced finish with a ton of curb appeal. 

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