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Round Rock Paving Pros is a local business specializing in concrete and asphalt installations. We’ll build or repair:

  • Asphalt or concrete walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Concrete and asphalt driveways
  • Paved areas of commercial properties

We also provide sealcoating to rejuvenate worn asphalt and can provide a number of professional, attractive finishes.

Below you'll find a list of the services we provide.

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There are numerous concrete and asphalt contractors in the central Texas area but we all know that some are better than others. As a long time presence in the region, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you with exceptional services you can trust. It takes special skills and knowledge to mix concrete or asphalt products so that they last for decades. It’s not just a matter of watching an online video or reading a few articles.

We put the hard work and dedication into make our services highly rated and trusted for residential and commercial property owners. If you are seeking services that are affordable yet offer the durable and smooth surface you want, Round Rock Paving Pros is a leading service provider.

Our workmanship and our state of the art tools and equipment are backed by our deep knowledge of our craft. This means you can expect that we know the latest techniques for mixing and installation and we can provide expert feedback so that you make wise decisions for your property.

We also understand that your property is a valuable investment and that’s why we take great pride in our workmanship and we are committed to providing every property owner with excellent services. We are proud to serve Round Rock and surrounding areas including Austin, Leander, Pflugerville, Hutto, Georgetown, Cedar Park, San Antonio, and San Marcos.

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  • Asphalt mix based on your specific needs and conditions
  • Pothole, crack and crumbling resistant
  • Smooth, attractive, durable finish

If you did not already know, it is estimated that more than 90 percent of our roads across the country are made of asphalt. This should tell you that asphalt is a strong, affordable and durable material that is most definitely a great option for your paving projects.

Our paving contractors have worked all across the region and know the value of long-lasting asphalt applications so you will have the peace of mind you need to hire us for your asphalt paving needs. Whether it is walkways, driveways or parking lots, we are able to perform high quality paving for any area of your property.

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  • Cracks, potholes and surface irregularities repaired
  • Underlying structural issues dealt with as part of all our concrete and asphalt repairs
  • All work based on a thorough site assessment and a costed construction schedule

Weather conditions like heavy rains, high heat and UV rays from the sun as well as chemicals all have an effect on the quality of your new asphalt and concrete.

At some point during the life of your concrete or asphalt pavement, it will need maintenance, resurfacing and maybe some crack repair. This is a regular procedure that should be taken seriously in order to increase the longevity of your pavement.

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  • A quick, inexpensive and fast-drying job which can add up to ten years to the life of your asphalt paved surfaces
  • Great for adding some curb appeal to your home

Factors like weather conditions as well as chemicals have an impact on your asphalt and sealcoating is a well-proven strategy to prevent early or premature deterioration. We highly recommend asphalt sealcoating to ensure less maintenance and repairs over the long term.

We have years of experience and we ensure that you are well informed about the asphalt sealcoating process so that you understand what to expect from the procedure and the maintenance and repairs that come with asphalt paving.

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  • Careful approach to the chemistry to ensure your concrete will dry fast and durable
  • Our concrete is crack, pothole and crumbling resistant
  • A range of finishes, including stamped, stained and textured concrete. We’ll install something attractive and striking to set your home or commercial property apart. 

Concrete is one of the strongest paving materials but it is important to find an experienced paving company to ensure that high-quality materials are used and that they are mixed and applied skillfully.

We have proven methods experience and state of the art equipment to ensure that our clients are greatly satisfied with our workmanship.

  • Commercial paving needs to not only be safe but also able to withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicles and maybe even heavy equipment without premature deterioration and early unplanned repairs.
  • Our commercial paving services include everything from building roads, highways, and asphalt parking lots to playgrounds and school areas.
  • We also do commercial crack filling, pothole repair, chip seal and parking lot striping.

We also only use only the highest quality paving materials and equipment so you can trust that our experience and workmanship you will provide with the best result for your project.

  • Premium grade building materials and a specialist team ensure your asphalt or concrete paving is attractive and built to last
  • We plan a workflow around your business needs, including phased construction to maintain continuous access to your commercial property

Whether you've decided on concrete or asphalt, there are definite advantages for both. With our expertise you can learn the differences between the two and decide which one is more suitable for your property and appropriate for your budget and lifestyle.

If you’d like to discuss our services and find out how we can help you, call today or fill out the free quote form.

We are a highly rated professional concrete and asphalt contractor with decades of experience and a proven track record for exceptional workmanship. Whether it is a commercial or a residential property, we are able to provide you with affordable parking lot maintenance, repairs and installations that are strong and durable and built to last for decades.

A Short History of Round Rock

In many ways, the history of Round Rock is a classic pioneering story of a small community doing its best to create a beacon of civilization in a vast and challenging land. But there’s also your fair share of color and oddity to Round Rock. The town’s archives are shot through with infamous train robbers, inhospitable cattle trails and the dawn of the railroad era.

It’s a fun story of an amazing place, and I wanted to give you a few highlights, which to me at least, capture the essence of this distinctive and unique part of the US.

It’s probably worth starting at the beginning. And I mean the very beginning, to the earliest evidence we have of human settlement in Round Rock. Around 8000 BCE you see the first evidence of prehistoric human settlements in the area. Not surprisingly, these concentrate along Williamson County’s many rivers and waterways, where an abundance of the ingredients of life must have seemed like heaven compared to its harsh and arid surrounds.

Prehistoric peoples likely lived a hunter gatherer existence along Round Rock’s streams and rivers for thousands of years.

From the early 1500s to the late 1600s, Spanish explorers of the new world came into first contact with the land’s indigenous people. Most notably, explorer and trader Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca spent eight years living among local tribes after being shipwrecked. It’s highly likely he set eyes on Williamson County and present day Round Rock during his many forays and adventures.

Over the next couple of hundred years, a steady wave of Spanish missions, government and cultural influence spread through the region. The story of conflict, alliance and reconciliation between the Spanish and the indigenous people is an epic tale in its own right, and I highly recommend you spend some time delving into those two long and tempestuous centuries.

I’m going to flash forward though to the mid 1800s and how Round Rock first earned its name and place on the modern US map.

In 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico. With that political and social upheaval, a new wave of people set foot on Williamson County soil. In 1838, dauntless Kentucky native Dr Thomas Kenney built a fort on the banks of Bushy Creek, settling there with his family and a small entourage of other pioneering hopefuls.

Just like so many pioneering experiences that came before and since, more settlers began to arrive, slowly at first but then building up pace. By 1850, the population around Williamson County which would later be known as Round Rock had grown to 250 souls.

Round Rock was a natural place for people to converge and settle. A large, round rock situated in the middle of Brushy Creek made a convenient landmark for navigation. It also happened to mark one of the best places for safe river crossing. Little wonder then that people settled down near here and began to refer to the place as Round Rock, the areas most prominent natural feature and claim to fame.

On May 27 1851, Brushy Creek Post Office in old Round Rock. A postmaster took residence and just like that, a town was born! Round Rock made its first official appearance on Texas Land Office maps in 1856, and by 1870, Round Rock had a thriving little population of 800 people.

As the population grew, so too did the town’s fair share of color and intrigue.

Around 1878, a tough and dauntless train robber caught the public’s attention and imagination. Sam Bass, equal parts folkloric hero and mean as dirt, had amassed a fortune from holding up trains along the extensive rail network in the area.

He eluded capture until he was betrayed by a member of his gang. Texas Ranger George Herold and Sergeant Richard Ware faced the gang down in Round Rock. Sam Bass and his gang of train robbers met their fate there and you can still visit Sam Bass’ grave in Round Rock Cemetery.

So many stories like this one speckle Round Rock’s history books, creating colorfully grim footnotes to the city’s rapid growth as one of the largest and most bustling cities in Williamson County.

By 1900, Round Rock had over 1,100 residents. Industries formed and grew, along with a solid infrastructure to support its burgeoning population and commerce. Round Rock was well and truly on the map, and here to stay!

By 1939, as war clouds loomed on the global stage, Round Rock built its first movie theater. “The Rock” became a vibrant part of town life, and in its wake a steady flow of new technologies arrived to make life a little easier. In 1951 and 1952 telephone and television found its way to the town.

Over sixty years later in 1992, Round Rock gained recognition as a place of abiding historical significance. The City of Round Rock was granted a National Parks Service grant to inventory its historical buildings.

For the first time, the town had resources to catalog, care for and celebrate the amazing buildings and landmarks which formed the backbone of Round Rock’s interesting twists and turns from remote settlement by a river to thriving town and a jewel in Williamson County’s crown.

In 1994, tech monolith Dell announced that Round Rock would become its new headquarters, bringing with them a huge influx of people, money and opportunity. By the year 2000, Round Rock’s population had exploded to over 61,000 people.

In the space of less than two hundred years, Round Rock had transformed from a small, dusty fort holding back the wilderness to a thriving center of commerce.

Today, Round Rock is a place of interesting juxtapositions. Those early tales of brave adventurers deciding to make Round Rock their home and succeeding against all odds still reveal themselves through the town’s many historic landmarks. Yet beside these monuments to the town’s history you can see the full force of modernity at work, in all its weird and wonderful complexity.

Round Rock isn’t just a place. It’s a story of grit, adventure and all the good and not-so-good stuff that makes people what they are. It’s a story that Round Rock Paving Pros can get lost in.